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still not famous Tour ´17











Thanks to everyone who sang along with us, we had a blast!


We´re happy to announce that we´ll play support for TEN YEARS AFTER at the Kaminwerk in Memmingen.
Get your Tickets here:

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GUAMPA Sponsoring

We´re happy to announce that we´ll go on tour with GUAMPA as one of our sponsors.
The refreshing taste is awesome! Check it out

Gletscher Cola sponsoring

We´re really happy to announce that we´ll go on tour with Gletscher Cola as one of our sponsors.
Check it out, the marvelous flavor of sweet herbs is simply unique - We love it!

new album out now!

You can now pre-listen to the new album and buy it directly in our Online Shop:

Release concert 16.4

Thanks to everyone who came out to celebrate our new CD "Always carry on"!
Marvelous audience - great atmosphere - It was a blast!
See you down the road



Newspaper article 16.4

Source: Allgäuer Zeitung

Release concert 16.4

16.4 is the official release concert of our second studio album "Always carry on" in the Kolbe Haus in Memmingen!

Be there - tickets available at the door!


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On FRIDAY we started our tour with our new album "Always carry on" in Berlin. Directly with the first stop on a resting spot Joschi sponged bottles of "Hugo" - Good starting point! We grooved the capital with a smooth acoustic set in the Artliners in Friedrichshain. More or less well rested we drove the next morning towards Cologne.

On SATURDAY we had a really nice evening in the Lichtung in Cologne! Such a lovely audience and cozy atmosphere with a grave after show party! Thanks to everyone who came out to sing and celebrate the new album with us!
The first reactions concerning "Always carry on" are marvelous!!

SUNDAY we had a Off-day to check around in Cologne and relax a little bit.

On MONDAY we played in the Pop In in Paris. The traffic in and around Paris was a calamity but Paris is such a beautiful city and  totally worth the odyssey! Thanks Paris that was amazing and thanks for the nice host!
TUESDAY (+ MODAY NIGHT) we went towards Manchester. In the Ex Service Men´s Club we rocked the first time with drums - Resume: Great location and what a nice audience and host! The first reactions in the UK were surprisingly marvelous:
"Great sound - quite impressive what you guys get out of your instruments!" - Thanks Manchester we had a blast!

The gig in Stockton on MONDAY had been canceled, but that gave us the chance to explore the english landscape and make some videos by the sea - Videos to be followed!
A few fishermen enjoyed our private gig in Saltburn - ("Fucking excellent sound!")

On THURSDAY we played in London. What a lovely city - and we directly fell in love with London and recognized another time how kind and open-minded the Brits are! With sentences like "England loves you" and "One more -two - three more songs!" we were held on stage to the brimmed Luna Lounge and spent a lovely evening in London that we won´t forget so far!
London we´ll come back soon!!

FRIDAY we played in the Northcourt in Abingdon near Oxford. We rocked as support for U2-Tribe in front of a delighted audience and a very kind host Mark, who says right before our departure "I´ll book you again guys, that was really impressive! Always keep on going!" - Dear Mark we gladly accept the invitation and come back soon!!


After the gig we headed directly towards Hamburg and after 14 hours driving around we reached beautiful Hamburg on SATURDAY midday. Together with the band Rocksin we rocked a nice location - although we had only one hour of sleep it was a really amazing tour closure!

SUNDAY morning we drove back to Memmingen and couldn´t get that this was already the end of our first tour part - always thinking "Where are we playing tonight?"

RESUME: Over 4000km with gigs all around the UK, France and Germany - We are still flashed by all the amazing people we met on tour and the beautiful time we spent on the road! Especially the UK was marvelous because the Brits directly accepted our Britrock and enjoyed every minute with us as much as we did! The september tour is the planing process - longer and better!


Stay tuned!


Our second studio album "Always carry on" is now in the pressing plant and will be released in april!


Thanks to everyone who came out to the sold out "Open Stage" in the ROXY in Ulm last night! We ha a blast!

Next dates:

Album photo Shooting in cologne

Here´s a first impression of our photo shooting in cologne for the upcoming album!

Acoustic Concert Review

Thanks to everyone who came out to see us last Friday to listen to our Residence Rock.
It was a great concert and really rocked! - Here´s a short review of our "special acoustic concert":

Charity concert

What an incredible concert! Thanks to everyone who came out to see is in the HoSchMi in Holzgünz yesterday. 
Next concert date is october 2 in the PiK.
See you there!

Recordings for new Album

We´re recording our second album right now. Drums, bass and guitars are already done!
Here´s a first impression of the drum recordings with Jürgen Zink.

That´s going to be huge!!

Next Shows

Residence NonAme

Folk Music Festival 

 Bild hochladen

We have the great honor to open this year´s Folk Music Festival with our Residence Rock!
Hope to see you there, it´s going to be real fun!

New gig dates!

Residence NonAme


Musiknacht April 25


On Saturday we´ll play in the "Villa Euphoria"! We will rock the whole night and perform some new songs, it´s totally worth coming over! 

See you there!

Kaminwerk pictures

Festwoche 2014


Thanks to everybody who came out to see us! It was real fun playing for you. Our next gig is already the Kaminwerk concert!
September 19 - Be there!
Tickets available in every known advance sale!

Friday: Glacis Amphitheater Neu-Ulm

Photo Credit & Copyright: Barfüßer Gastronomie-Betrieb
Photo Credit & Copyright: Barfüßer Gastronomie-Betrieb

This Friday we´ll play at Glacis parc in Neu-Ulm in front of surely one of most beautiful backdrops we were ever able to play.
Together with the incredible gentlemen of "Moody Man", we´re looking forward to this great evening and hope we´ll see you out there!

Kaminwerk concert 

Residence NonAme

The Kaminwerk concert is coming closer and the anticipation is rising!
The first flyers and posters are up und the advanced booking has started!
Tickets are available at the Memminger Kurier, Memminger Zeitung, the Stadtinfo Memmingen and Rabus in the Hirschgasse!

Or online at Eventim:

Folk Festival

What an amazing show yesterday!
It was great fun playing for you!
The next shows are:

August 08  Amphitheatre in the Glacis-Parc in Neu-Ulm
August 15 Stadtparkbühne at the Kemptner Festwoche

September 19 Kaminwerk in Memmingen

See you there!

Folk Music Festival

Residence NonAme

Tomorrow is going to be the day!
We´re looking forward playing at the Folk Festival in the best weather and cozy atmosphere!
21:20h is show-time -  Be there!

Article in the "Soundcheck" Magazine

A small article can be found in the current edition of the "Soundcheck" magazine - the leading band journal in Germany.
Available in every kiosk in all of Germany.

Southside Contest Abdera Biberach


What an incredible night in the Abdera in Biberach!
A big thanks to everyone who came out to rock with us!


Residence NonAme
Copyright by ALL IN


Friday: Folk Session in the PIK 

This moment when the whole PIK sings along: "So it goes - C´est la vie" ... Simply incredible!
Thanks to everyone who has been there - the atmosphere was simply marvelous! It has been the 4th time for us playing in the PIK and we hope many other times will follow!

Saturday: Music night in the Kindl

4 hours a full house with a great audience! Although the rain was really heavy a lot of you came out to see us! A big thanks to everyone of you!

On Wednesday we´ll be playing in Ottobeuren with Five & One and Saturday at the Southside Contest in the Abdera in Biberach. (Entry 19h)

Residence at southside festival?

We´re in the final!

We´ve got the unique chance to play at this year´s Southside Festival. And you can bring us there! Come to the band contest of the Schwäbische Zeitung on 3 Mai in the Abdera in Biberach and support us!
We´re one of the "Top 5" bands and now we really want to play at Southside Festival 2014.

3 Mai
Abdera Biberach
Entry: 5€

"So it goes" commercially available!

Residence NonAme


„So it goes“ is immediately available in the Osiander store in Memmingen and in the Pröbster in Kempten!


Lyrics online!

Residence NonAme
























Look up the lyrics for all songs of our first album: 

official music video to "Hey Juni"!

"so it goes" out now!


Our first album "So it goes" is now available in our online store! 
Just order it simply in our CD Shop.